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Gaelscoil Primary School, Limavady

Testimonials / Teistiméireachtaí

"Harry had a very enjoyable year in Naiscoil Leim an Mhadaidh and loved having the opportunity to learn a new language. Moving into Rang 1 was an easy decision as it was a chance for Harry to continue developing his Irish language in a friendly and safe environment. The school do a great job at keeping parents informed and were excellent at providing work and support throughout lockdown. Homework is well structured and great support is provided to parents through the Seesaw app. Harry loves going to school everyday, his confidence is growing and he is making great friendships. We highly recommend Gaelscoil Leim an Mhadaidh."

Brian McClean, Primary 1 Parent


"It was an easy decision for us to make when sending our child to Gaelscoil Léim an Mhadaidh. We had such a great experience with the Naiscoil and knew this would continue for the Gaelscoil. The staff are all very friendly and the principal knew all the parents and children’s names before even starting Rang 1. Corágh absolutely loves going in to school and is picking the Irish language up so quickly. We as non-Irish speaking parents have great support via seesaw app and Charmaine is fantastic at explaining the homework etc in detail and everything is translated for us so we know what our children are learning each week. I would highly recommend Gaelscoil Léim and Mhadaidh to anyone considering sending their child here."

Rachael McLaughlin, Rang 1 Parent


“At a few months old Zac first became engaged with Gaelscoil Léim an Mhadiadh with Rang 6 & 7 for the ‘Roots of Empathy’ programme which promotes sharing, caring & inclusion. The atmosphere on the school grounds is just that. Zac runs to the classroom every morning & leaves with the same energy in the afternoon. It is so great to hear him start to drop Irish words into conversations within the home & we as a family are learning with him. The resources the teaching staff provide via apps make me as a non Irish speaker confident to be able to complete homeworks. He is just thriving. GRMA 🙂”

Claire Mc Laughlin, Primary 1 Parent


“As parents, our primary motivation to choose an Irish medium school was so that our children could be raised in a bi-lingual setting. Almost immediately, from Naíscoil, we realised that whilst the Gaelscoil experience centres around the language, it was so much more. A huge part of Gaelscoil Léim an Mhadaidh is its welcoming sense of community for staff, pupils & family. More importantly, there is a sense that from the start, you know that irrespective of your child's ability, they are valued & encouraged to seek out their strengths, the mutual respect between staff & pupils is evident, as well as the happy atmosphere. The teachers are attentive, supportive, approachable & honest. Regarding the Irish, the digital support from the school is vast and makes it fun for parents to learn. Instead of seeing the language as an impediment, realise its advantages, that your child gains something extra here.”

Sarah-Jane Loughrey, Primary 1 Parent


"We chose Gaelscoil Léim and Mhadaidh because we had heard very good reports. We knew people with children who attended the school and loved it. We had sent our child to the 3 year old programme and Naiscoil (pre-school) and had a brilliant experience with both and our child loved it. We also loved the fact that it has smaller numbers in the class. We have had a brilliant experience at Gaelscoil. Teachers and staff are lovely, approachable and informative about child’s progress. Caleb loves the school. He’s so happy to go. He has fun and also has learned loads within a short period of time. He feels comfortable around all his friends and he tells everyone he loves his teacher. As a non-Irish speaking parent, I had my doubts about how I would manage with homeworks etc but it’s all explained through the Seesaw app and within the front cover of the reading books.  It’s been brilliant so far. Caleb is telling me what way it’s supposed to be done. Gaelscoil leim an mhadaidh doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, from attending the 3 year old programme I haven’t even thought about sending my child to another school."  

Stacey Feguson, Primary 1 Parent


“We chose Gaelscoil Léim An Mhadaidh because we had heard glowing reports and our child had a relative in the school who absolutely loved school. From the moment we stepped through the gates and into the Naíscoil we’ve never looked back. From the very start Sophia loved everything about school life and she loves to learn even outside of school time. She’s eager to learn and I thank the wonderful staff of the school for that. We had our doubts to begin with as non Irish speaking parents we were unsure if we would be able to keep up but the help we receive from the teachers is absolutely fantastic - it’s all explained and we feel like we’re learning with her. All doubts are gone and if we have any questions the helpful staff are always on hand to help us with anything and the wee seesaw app is amazing for keeping in contact. I would definitely say that this is 100% a fantastic choice of school. Sophia loves it and goes in everyday with a smile and comes home everyday with a smile. Her learning is improving everyday and she is proud to tell anyone that will listen about her school and her friends and teachers and loves nothing more than to sing in Irish to family and friends and is gaining in confidence everyday. I feel confident in saying we definitely made the right choice and I’m sure any parents looking at this as a choice of schools would not be disappointed.”

Kylie Brown, Primary 1 Parent


"It really was a no brainer for us to send Madeleine to the Gaelscoil this year. She had attended the 3 year old programme and absolutely loved it. Her older brother, Thomas, was one of the 6 kids who started the school way back in 2010. He loved school. His class was 6 pupils in total and he thrived at school with a teacher and a classroom assistant. In 2020 the class sizes are slightly larger but the level of attention the children receive is second to none. Madeleine absolutely loves school. She has cried on a Friday afternoon when I tell her that she has 2 days off! I am truly amazed at the level and quality of Irish she has acquired since September. It is remarkable. She is a confident, happy and truly content child and is thriving in the Gaelscoil. It might be a cliche but the school is like an extended family. Madeleine’s R1 teacher also taught Thomas back in the day which is testament to the dedication of the staff that they believe in the school and they see it as much more than a job - it’s a vocation. There is a fantastic community spirit and everyone associated with the school is very proud of all the children. I don’t regret my decision in 2010 and I certainly don’t regret it now in 2020."  

Nichola Devine, Primary 1 and Past-Pupil Parent 


“We chose Gaelscoil Léim an Mhadaidh after hearing such good reports. After going to the open evenings we couldn't get over how high the standard of work was in both English and Irish, and also in maths. My daughter attended the 3 year old programme and the Naíscoil (pre-school). The whole school community is so welcoming and kind. Everyone speaks to you as if they’ve known you for years and it feels more like a extended family. The teachers and assistants are brilliant, very understanding and go that extra mile to make such all the children's needs are attended to and to make them feel settled and welcome.We were apprehensive as our older girls attended a mainstream English speaking primary and wondered if we were we making the right choice, however I am so glad I made the choice of Irish medium education for my daughter she has come on in leaps and bounds, both academically and socially.”

Karen Heaney, Primary One Parent